Indian Elephant

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I’m looking to improve my observational drawing skills. Sometimes, that gets tiring. To give my brain a break, I’ve been painting some of my friends photographs. Drawing from photographs is exponentially easier than drawing from life. Converting 3D to 2D in your mind, while keeping any sort of perspective, is arduous. Photographs do all this conversion work for you, so I can keep drawing without tempting to give up on making drawing a habit.

Here’s one of the recent sketches from my past few days of drawing. Thanks to Tom for the image, check out his blog about his travels!

Indian Elephant

Inktense blocks on 300g cold press watercolour paper.

Oil Pastel Jacket

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This may be my favorite piece from high school (other than the dress!). It was my first true attempt at realism in grade ten (I think) as a take-home art project. We were assigned to do a jacket and I chose my mother’s sheepskin one. Since then, oil pastel has become my favorite medium that I never work in. ;)

From the Sketchbook…

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Here’s the sketch of an album cover I designed in 2008. I was so grateful for the opportunity to do this for the Surani family who wrote and produced the songs on The Golden Jublee Project! The album was fantastic and I feel lucky to had been a part of it.

Click on the image to see how the final cover turned out!

Dress for Dubai

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In 2007, Hailey (my partner and model in the picture above) and I worked on a dress made out of paper that reflected the city of Dubai. It was very ‘Project Runway’ of our art class, although we took months, not days, to make it work ;) . Of course, the details and attachments are made from other things like eyelets, ribbon, tulle, hundreds of tiny brads, string, small beads, and my favorite: shattered glass!

Let me know if you’d like to see more :D !

An old fairy tale comes to life!

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I recently rediscovered The Steadfast Tin Soldier and thought I’d bring it to life. Thanks to the word (used bookstore very close to my apartment in Montreal), I found the perfect ‘beat up’ book for only 1$!

From the sketchbook…

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 Recently I found a small palette my  high school art teacher gave me and  discovered a new love for watercolour!  Here’s a quick sketch I did while testing different types of paper.     

    tools used