Old Favourites.

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I wanted to take a look at the kind of art I have been creating as a whole in order to really understand my style (or just discover if I have one). Once I stopped taking art classes, the assignments stopped and painting really became a hobby. Creating my own watercolour cards for friends really helped give my creative outlet a purpose without being too serious.  My collection of work post-high school is heavily based in a self-taught medium, purely due to the convenience that watercolour lends to art. Being able to paint a card, write on it, and give it away within an hour is so useful. The task of learning a new medium became trivial because practicing was so easy and efficient.

Here’s a look at my evolution of hobby-watercolouring:

From this collection, it’s clear I love playing with pigmented colour. My vibrant subjects are due to the reality that these are mostly quick, mini-paintings, or cards made for friends. Also, watercolour  easily lends itself to this colourful style.  Surprisingly, my preference leans toward the more neutral toned landscapes and architecture renderings.

As you can see, I have a lot of room to improve in my technique and expand my style in this medium (and all others).  I wanted to take a mini-course on watercolouring this semester because I have been without any sort of art direction for almost 5 years now. Unfortunately the scheduling doesn’t work for me, but I want to take some sort of art class (intro to drawing perhaps) because  I cannot deny the value of hands-on learning in fine art.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the role of the artist and value of art in general. As of now, I’ve concluded that something you enjoy doing doesn’t need to be analyzed in order to understand why you value it. But that’s a bit of excuse to buy me time to read more on the subject.

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