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Making profit by selling your own artwork online is difficult. Prints are easier to price because the costs are more calculable. But original artwork has this sentimental value, especially when this is just a hobby. If I paint something I really love, I give it to a family member. Just about every other painting of mine became gifts to friends.

This map of the world at night is a recent piece of mine that I truly value. Viewing ourselves globally can be such a daunting concept, but painting this piece really helped me to comprehend that idea.  The time spent creating each individual dot – representing lights from cities across the world – was pretty painstaking. It was also amazing. I could see deserts, highways and I got to see the visual difference between global cities and major ones.

I wanted a high-gloss, ultra-modern finish to the piece. To achieve that, I decided to use glass with the image painted on the back. It was all done in reverse on a piece of plexiglass, no canvas or paper – I had to paint the mirror image on the back in order for it to look correct when you looked through the glass on the front. So, when I decided to sell it (for charity) I knew that it had to be at a value that corresponded with how I felt about it. As a hobby-artist, being objective toward your own original pieces does not come easy. If it never sells, I’m glad to keep it with family. If it does sell, my hours of detail work would be making a sizeable donation that I can be proud of.

To be honest, I’ve been reluctant to really try and sell it until now. But, it’s the right time to start e-mailing corporations and exploit any connections I have. I can see it looking stunning in an office. HINT HINT.

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